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Our Software Modernization
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Software modernization:

The skill to adapt and upgrade existing applications to their current maximum technological - and economical potential.

Do you recognize the following challenges?

  • I can no longer find hardware to run my legacy applications on
  • I have a server to run the application, but our new laptops can't access it, or they need to run a virtual machine.
  • They just stopped support for the operating system of my legacy application
  • My legacy applications cannot interface with new technology
  • I wish at least part of my application was web enabled
  • I cannot find any more developers to maintain my applications or even worse
  • The very last developer I had who knew the code, just retired
  • I think my applications are not documented well
  • If you recognized yourself in 2 or more of the situations described above, you should contact us.

  • Tie provides coordinated, process driven legacy application migration services. And in most cases, we do not even need to rebuild what you already have. Call us for more information.